FREE with an Audible Trial Membership: Hudson James & the Baker Street Legacy

From the authors of Sherlock Holmes: The Centurion Papers. Narrated by Stephen Doyle.

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A stunning new novel set in the modern day… When the followers of Moriarty rise again, can a pair of teenagers track down Sherlock Holmes’s greatest legacy – and save the world?

Sherlock Holmes: The Centurion Papers 4: The M League… The NEW release OUT NOW on Amazon, from 0.99


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Professor Moriarty is dead, but his legacy of evil lives on…

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are woken by a most macabre delivery – a boy left for dead on the steps of 221B Baker Street, the letter ‘M’ scored into his back. He is the first of many victims, all connected by one terrible secret… and Holmes will be next. The great consulting detective must use all his powers of wit, courage and deduction if he is to put an end to the most dangerous network of criminals ever assembled – a network that stretches to the very highest echelons of society…

A thrilling new episode in the Sherlock Holmes canon from Dr Watson’s recently discovered Centurion Papers.

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