We’re One of the Best Interviews of 2018!

The Wales Arts Review selected their best interviews of 2018, and we’re really pleased to be included on the list – alongside some famous names and exceptional talents. And they even called us “one of the Welsh success stories of the year.”


This Christmas… The Hound Returns!

At last, the sequel to The Hound of the Baskervilles! A brand new festive chiller, perfect for Christmas…

Sheltering from the snowy London winter, Dr Watson is presented with a note from a mysterious stranger. Upon it is written one word: BASKERVILLE… Almost a decade after Holmes and Watson faced down the legendary beast on the moors, the duo is pulled into a chilling new mystery when tragedy befalls that cursed family once again. The ghostly call of a long-dead little girl, victims savaged on the hills, and a giant hound more terrifying than anything Holmes and Watson have previously encountered. There will be more blood in the snow this Christmas – unless Sherlock Holmes can defeat his most villainous foe yet.

Available in eBook and paperback, from 2.99

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