Our new AUDIOBOOK is out now! The Second Collection…

The SECOND COLLECTION of stories in our series Sherlock Holmes: The Centurion Papers is out now in audiobook on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.


Stephen Doyle brings THREE stories to life:

The Missing Parrot

When Lady McMillan’s beloved pet parrot, Rodney, goes missing along with the scullery maid, she enlists the help of Holmes and Watson to track down the kidnapper and bring Rodney home. The mystery, however, is far murkier than it first appears, and the stakes are ever so much greater than the safe return of a stolen bird…

The Montmartre Murders

Presumed dead, Sherlock Holmes is on the run from Moriarty’s acolytes… Lying low in Paris, an incognito Holmes finds himself in a city at the cusp of a cultural revolution. When a series of gruesome crucifixions sweeps the arts district of Montmartre, only one man can solve a mystery that will shake the famous City of Lights to its foundations. Even undercover, you can’t keep a great detective down…

The Curse of the Baskervilles

At last, the sequel to The Hound of the Baskervilles!… Watson is presented with a note from a mysterious stranger. Upon it is written one word: BASKERVILLE… Almost a decade after Holmes and Watson faced down the legendary beast on the moors, the duo is pulled into a chilling new mystery when tragedy plagues that cursed family once again. Ghostly voices from the dead, victims savaged on the hills, and a giant hound that is very real indeed… Can Sherlock Holmes defeat his most villainous foe yet?

Stephen Doyle brilliantly captures the atmosphere, the terror, and the wit that we wish to convey in these new cases… that have been kept hidden for a hundred years!

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