THE PHOENIX CODE… A Grab-Your-Throat Thriller. Out Now!

Our new novel is now on sale!

An ancient Nazi secret… a race against time.

The legend is true… Before his suicide, Adolf Hitler left one final message for his followers – a secret code hidden in each of his most treasured artworks. It reveals an evil so horrifying, its discovery will force humanity to succumb to the Nazis once again – seventy-five years after the Führer’s death.

Art historians Harry Preece and Elena Sivori are dragged into a terrifying chase – from Buenos Aires to London, Madrid to Venice – desperate to stay one step ahead of a ruthless arms dealer, a daring thief, and a billionaire with a deadly secret.

Can Harry and Elena track down the lost paintings and discover the shocking truth about Hitler’s legacy? The only way they can save the world… is by cracking the Phoenix Code.

Available in eBook and paperback… NOW!The Phoenix Code COVER (NEW high-def)

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