The Montmartre Murders – Holmes’s most grisly case yet! OUT NOW

Presumed dead, Sherlock Holmes is on the run from Moriarty’s acolytes… Lying low in Paris, an incognito Holmes finds himself in a city at the cusp of a cultural revolution, no better symbolised than by the gleaming new Eiffel Tower!

But when a series of gruesome crucifixions sweeps the arts district of Montmartre, old wounds are torn open that will indelibly threaten the peace of the French capital, pitching progress against tradition.

Only one man can solve a mystery that will shake the famous City of Lights to its foundations – proving that, even undercover, you can’t keep a great detective down…

Interview in the Wales Arts Review

We were thrilled to be interviewed by the Wales Arts Review website about our writing process, recreating the world of Sherlock Holmes, and collaborating on different sides of the world.

Find out about writing “ripping yarns as authentically as possible” and learn why “If something doesn’t work for your twin brother, then it probably won’t work for a wider audience.”


Winners of the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writers Showcase

On Monday, Nick went to the Princess Anne Theatre in London for the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writers Showcase for children’s and YA media. The wonderful cast performed an excerpt from the script for our TV series, Porth Llwyd – a supernatural horror for kids – directed brilliantly by Nour Wazzi. Nick then took part in a Q&A session with industry guests and fellow finalists. Thanks to Rocliffe and BAFTA for an amazing night!


The Davies Brothers at the BAFTA New Writing Showcase

Porth Llwyd artwork

Our screenplay for the YA television series, Porth Llwyd, will be performed onstage at the Princess Anne Theatre, London, as one of the three finalists in the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing competition. One half of us – Nick, to be precise – will be there, so if you happen to be free on Monday evening (Sep 24), feel free to come and say hello, as well as watching some top quality drama!

An excellent website for Sherlock Holmes fans

If you like reading news and reviews about new Sherlock Holmes stories, films and TV, Susa Wagner’s blog is a great resource. And she even offers some of her own Holmes stories for free – ‘Memento’ is especially moving.

You can find her at:

Full disclosure: We discovered the site when Susa kindly blogged about Centurion Papers. However, neither we nor Susa entered into any kind of agreement – we just saw her work and really liked it. If you’re a Holmes fan, then you should too!


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