Now on AUDIOBOOK! Sherlock Holmes: The Centurion Papers – The First Collection

Available on iTunes, Amazon and Audible – and it’s FREE if you set up an Audible subscription!


No. 1 in America!

The Black Widower reached number 1 in the Amazon US charts at the weekend – in both the Historical Mysteries and Traditional Detectives charts. We also broke the Top 10 for ALL Mysteries and Thrillers, and… Top 30 for ALL FICTION. You can get a copy (in eBook or paperback) at

Our NEW Novella is Out Now! The Black Widower…

In eBook and paperback, from 2.99

A letter from Italy, a jilted lover… and the hunt for a ruthless killer. Sherlock Holmes races across the continent to rescue a beautiful young woman from a debonair but deadly villain. 

Holmes and Watson arrive at Lake Como after receiving word that the mysterious American Lothario, ‘The Black Widower’, may be preparing to murder his next victim – a wealthy young English lady with a trail of suitors. Surrounded by the beguiling mountains and waters of Lombardy, Holmes must discover the true identity of the elusive killer – and apprehend him before he strikes again. 

Can Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson track down the monster and prevent another death? Or will the Black Widower escape from justice once more… with a trail of blood in his wake?

The SECOND Collection is Out Now – in Paperback and eBook

Available now on Amazon… The bestselling series, Sherlock Holmes: The Centurion Papers, continues with THREE stories for one low price: The Missing Parrot, The Montmartre Murders, and The Curse of the Baskervilles.

We’re One of the Best Interviews of 2018!

The Wales Arts Review selected their best interviews of 2018, and we’re really pleased to be included on the list – alongside some famous names and exceptional talents. And they even called us “one of the Welsh success stories of the year.”

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